Automated Trading Systems

Optimized Trader has developed the most sophisticated automated trading system currently available to retail traders.

Why use Optimized Trader Automated Trading Systems?

The Optimized Trader Precision Autotrader code base is professionally written with advanced coding techniques and has undergone months of back testing. Trade with confidence in real time. The unique feature of the system that provide it with remarkable precision is its multi-time frame analysis. This analysis is done on forces responsible for price’s directional movement on any market and on any time frame.

Autotrader Systems in general tend to preform well in trending markets, but very poorly in chop. The multi-time frame analysis keeps traders safe; the system defines chop remarkably well. The system is defined to trade with a high degree of specificity, looking for only the perfectly configured trade entries. Great attention and care have gone into avoiding slippage, entry and exit order errors and other potentially dangerous automated trade scenarios.

Optimized Trader has been developing automated trading systems since 1997 and has become a premier developer of automated strategies in the retail side of the trading industry. Automated trading will bring all the desirable elements of a successful trader to your trading – Discipline, Structure, Daily Trading Goals, Efficiency of execution both entry and exit and much, much more…

Price: $3,999 Per Year
Includes All Markets